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How to start growing your brand

How to start growing your brand

Gerald G. Capinpin

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints” Jonah Sachs  

This being said, it can be concluded that brand awareness can be the most vital facet of growing any kind of business. Having a high public cognizant of your brand increases your chance in generating revenue. This will give you a long lasting visibility that can roll out to so many years. Growing and nurturing your brand will point your business to the road of sure success. Here are some guides that you can consider adapting to implement simple but effective approaches to advance brand awareness.

Profile your target customers.

This is otherwise coined as buyer persona. Create a fictionalized character of your preferred customer which possess possible buying behavior, lifestyle, needs, challenges, goals, demographics and other pertinent factors so you can more effectively reach out and market them. Just like in a person to person interaction, identity must be established first before the relationship deepens. Imagine pooling all these types of buyer personas, it can lead you to create your core customer foundation that can radiate to a much bigger network through their business connections. From here on, you can somehow predict how they behave and may sometimes put on their shoes from time to time if you want your goods to appeal to them.

Create and develop a brand voice.

A brand voice is a manner that the business talks to the customers. It is the brand’s style of communication. The brand voice is always directed to your target customers. It can be designed in any way that you like it to become but be guided to ground it with your brand values and business persona. Just as like how you communicate in with your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, associates and acquaintances. There is always a style to communicate explicitly to your customer base.

Consumers engage more on brands that talk to them. Your brand voice should resemble the way you would talk to a true and trusted friend. Someone who would be less bothered on what you say but be much more attentive and responsive on how you say it. 

Be visible always.

Being active on different marketing platforms is really they key in achieving visibility. Nowadays, social media is the best place to be, always for that matter. There is a reason for that, it is highly captivating. It attracts followers who might become new customers. What spells the difference is with the contents that you create. It should be the cornerstone of your brand visibility process. It should always imprint a message every after read. It should make your audience look forward to the next content that you create. To make this easy for you, create a content plan matrix that would detail the topics aligned to your products that you would like to create a content. Content presentation is also included in this matrix, you can choose from a wide array of methods like blogs, reviews, live feeds and relevant posts. Next to this steps is to find a platform that can house your creations and start building up your value to your followers brick by brick. Engage and build a network too with people who can help you amplify your presence 

Keep your contents updated.

Nobody wants to eat a stale bread. There must always be something new to see. Make a list of the possible contents that you would like to put up in your social platforms. Content marketing should become the center piece of your brand-building activities. Absence of such will not bring you leads. Don’t limit your contents to just articles. You can progress to some other stuffs like blogs, podcast, video, infographs, collaborations and etc. Center on creating your contents on a consistent form. In this manner, your followers where they left off and where to pick up. Make it interactive too.


Social media platforms’ purpose is not only to put your contents. It’s also mostly for creating and engaging with people as close to a human feel.

At some point you should feel that your customers are so in to you on social media, by the time that you clearly realize that, time to push that convo button. Open up the conversation, ask them questions, appreciate their support, answer their questions but most of it all, listen to them and make sure that they feel that you are all ears. Socialize with your customers, they will be more deep-rooted in your business. Accordingly, they will be there for you when you ask them to level up your business relationship.

Deliver what you promise.

As simple as the title, live up to what you promised, live up to your customers’ expectations, be thankful always for the opportunity, repeat.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints” Jonah Sachs